This product has helped immensely for menopausal issues of dryness… Diet, exercise & Femininity…I think I will survive! Thank you!


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Incredible product – results in only a few days!!

Lynda A. Miller

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I started to see results from this product about a month after I started taking it. Weirdly. I did see differences in my skin and hair before then.

Ashley Farnsworth

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I originally saw this product on Dr. Ozz. It wasn’t until later I read up about the other benefits. My husband and I are very pleased with the results and the fact that it is all natural and not harmful to my body.


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This product has been absolutely amazing. After about 2 months of taking this I really started to see the results. My recommendation for anyone who is interested in this is to take it regularly. I hope you see results like I saw. It kind of changed my life!

Amanda B

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  • Femininity Vaginal Dryness Cure
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